Entrust your work to the LORD, and your planning will succeed. - Proverbs16:3 (ISV)

Welcome to the Christian Women at Work Career Success Survey!
The goal of this survey is to find out more about what career success means to you as a Christian woman, what you already know, and what you'd like to learn more about. 

Leadership Strategies for Women, LLC is embarking on a new project to help Christian women hone their leadership skills at all levels of their careers. So, we are conducting a series of interviews, focus groups, and survey research to find out exactly how Christian women in the workplace have gotten where they are, and what skills, tools, thinking, and professional development they need to cultivate to take their careers to the next level in today’s workplace. 

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to the career success of Christian women!

Many Blessings,
Ellie Nieves
Founder, Leadership Strategies for Women, LLC

* 1. Are you a Christian? 

* 2. Are you a career woman?

* 3. How old are you?

* 4. In what industry do you work?

* 5. What is your job title?

* 6. How large is your organization?

* 7. I live in (city, state):

* 8. I work in (city, state):

* 9. Independent of my job title, I am influential in my organization.

* 10. I seek out leadership opportunities.

* 11. I actively pursue learning and professional growth opportunities.

* 12. I think strategically about my career.

* 13. I network regularly and build relationships across my organization.

* 14. I understand and know how to navigate my organization's culture.

* 15. I am ambitious.

* 16. Fill in the blank. Being a successful woman in the workplace means:

* 17. What words and / or themes resonate the most with you when you think about your career aspirations? Please select 5.

* 18. How does your Christian faith influence your career?

* 19. Is it difficult for a Christian woman to succeed in a secular workplace? Why or why not?

* 20. What are three (3) unique challenges Christian women face in the workplace? Write in your selections below.

* 21. What holds Christian women back from succeeding in the workplace?

* 22. Which of the following definitions reflect your understanding of "Office Politics"? Check all that apply.

* 23. Briefly describe what office politics looks like in your workplace.

* 24. What is your biggest challenge with office politics at your workplace?

* 25. In your opinion, what effect, if any, does involvement in office politics have on a Christian woman’s career?

* 26. Which one of the following most closely describes your involvement in office politics?

* 27. As a Christian woman, what concerns do you have about succeeding in the workplace without compromising your values?

* 28. What does winning in the workplace mean to you?

* 29. As a Christian woman in the workplace, what I need to get ahead in my career is (select 3):

* 30. When I reflect on where I am today, I think I would like to (select 3):

* 31. Any comments, questions, or concerns you would like to share from the perspective of a Christian working woman?

* 32. Would you like to be interviewed and / or participate in a focus group for this research project? If yes, would you be open to (please check all that apply):

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