Thank you for taking time to complete this survey, which should take 10 to 15 minutes.

The VFBV Volunteer Welfare and Efficiency Survey, is an annual snapshot of volunteer opinion and welfare. It has become a critical tool in monitoring short-and long-term trends, and the effectiveness of initiatives aimed at improving CFA volunteer engagement and well being.

Your responses are confidential, but the overall trends will be carefully studied.

Please complete this survey as soon as possible.

Importance and Performance Ratings

Volunteers chose the issues in this survey because they are important to them. We ask you to read each statement, then give it a score out of 10 for its importance to you, then a score out of 10 for performance – this is the extent to which your expectations regarding this statement are being met.

For example; Statement 4 says "I feel the time I devote to CFA is productive and worthwhile”.

How important is it that you feel this way? Give it a low score if it is not important, give it a high score if it is very important.

Then rate the performance of this statement, if you feel that the time you devote to CFA is very productive and worthwhile, give it a high score, if you do not feel that way, give it a low score.  

If you do not have any exposure to the topic in a question, you may either skip the question, or feel free to only answer on how you feel about the importance of the topic.  However, please try to answer as many questions as possible.

Doing this helps us to understand what your expectations are on each statement (Importance) and whether your expectations are being fully met (Performance).

Thank you very much for agreeing to complete this survey. The overall statistics are studied carefully, and every comment is read.