Application Form
Thank you for your interest in applying to the Ottawa Police Services Community Equity Council. Before you start the application process, we ask that you read the materials required below as you will be prompted throughout this form to upload these materials to be included with your application. 

Please be advised:
Once you begin this process your application cannot be saved until you get to the end of the application. If you are unable to upload all the material at this time, please complete this application form and submit all the required material to the email that is provided at the end.
Material Required:

1. Completed application

2. Letter explaining your interest in the Council

3. Letter from a community organization 
To ensure that the CEC community members are accountable to the broader community, we ask that all community members have a link to a community based organization that is working with and for Indigenous, Racialzed or the Faith Based community members.

4. Signed agreement to the mandate and community responsibilities for
the Ottawa Police Community Equity Council
The work at the Community Equity Council is a volunteer commitment.  As part of the application process, we ask that you agree to the mandate and the expectations for CEC community members, including the time commitments.

5. Criminal/police check
Having a police record does not preclude a person being part of the Community Equity Council.

6. Resume
Please provide a resume. If you do not have a resume, you can provide a summary of your experience.
14% of survey complete.