The CATHOLIC DISCIPLESHIP PROFILE™ is an instrument designed to help you think about your life as a disciple, using behavioral expressions that come from our Catholic Church’s teaching and practice. As you take this assessment, please keep the following summary in mind:

measures this point in time...
for growth as a disciple of Jesus.

Measures Frequency: The CATHOLIC DISCIPLESHIP PROFILE™ measures the frequency with which you engage in certain discipleship practices.  The instrument invites you to think about your life in terms of how often you tend to put something into practice. This gives you a concrete way to reflect on your Catholic life. 

For each statement, please select one of the four options that best describes how frequently you engage in this behavior. If the choices don’t seem to fit your desired answer perfectly, just choose the closest option.  Read each statement carefully - some might seem similar to each other, but they are all different - and reflect briefly to determine your honest response, but don’t agonize over your choice.  

For most items, the scale is:
Never or Very Rarely: I never or very rarely engage in this behavior.
Sometimes: I engage in this behavior at times, but on an irregular basis.
Often: I engage in this behavior on a regular basis.
Always or Almost Always: I engage in this behavior all the time or almost all of the time.

For some items, the scale is slightly different, and gives more specificity to the frequency (e.g. “Always or Almost Always” changes to “At Least Weekly”).  

At This Point in Time: The CATHOLIC DISCIPLESHIP PROFILE™ is a snapshot of your current life as a disciple.  It is NOT meant to be a full evaluation of your lifetime as a follower of Jesus.  Neither is it designed to measure how you wish you were or where you’d like to be in the future.  It is more helpful to think of the CATHOLIC DISCIPLESHIP PROFILE™ as a mirror that reflects your current reality.  It is not a one-time-only assessment, and it can be re-taken at different points in your life, offering you different invitations to growth each time.  

For Growth as a Disciple of Jesus: Each of us is on a journey of faith and life, and no two people are in the same place with the same options on that journey. The CATHOLIC DISCIPLESHIP PROFILE™ is an invitation to growth and understanding, not guilt or remorse. It reveals our own areas of strength and areas in which we can grow as disciples. There are many ways to be a Catholic missionary disciple, and the ways that each of us live out this invitation depend heavily on our personal circumstances, gifts, and abilities.

The CATHOLIC DISCIPLESHIP PROFILE™ does not pretend to know your mind or scrutinize your soul. Because its purpose is to mirror your current lived experience, there are no wrong or bad answers.  You are encouraged to respond honestly.  Your responses will be kept confidential unless you choose to share them.   

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