PRA•X•IS Initial Survey

This Initial Survey is a critical component of this Experiment.  We want to determine if engaging in spiritual practices positively impacts our relationships with God and each other.  To do so, we need a starting point, a baseline to which we can compare ourselves at the end of this year.  This survey is a simple tool to establish that starting point.

At the end of this survey, you will get a numerical score that represents your accumulated answers.  Please don't imagine that this score in any way ranks or judges your spiritual life.  Instead, it's designed to help provide a private assessment tool for purposes of private self-comparison.  Think of it like the scale in your bathroom!  There is no "right" score.

Save your response from this survey!  We will ask you to take a similar survey in May, at the end of this Experiment, to determine how and if you've changed.  

Finally, your score is private and only you will see it.  We will retain only the aggregate data and cannot/will not identify individual surveys unless you chose to include your name and email at the end (purely optional).

Thanks for taking this first step in PRA•X•IS: The Experiment!