We are looking to hear feedback from members and community-based research stakeholders in Canada about Community-Based Research Canada's new strategic plan to be finalized in May 2020.

Our goal for this survey is to intentionally engage and receive input from members and a range of community-engaged research stakeholders to ensure that the new strategic plan and proposed activities are relevant to them. Please find below additional context as to why CBR Canada is engaging in this new strategic plan. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes of your time.

Thank you in advance for your time, energy, and commitment to this important work!
In April 2019 at the Community Based Research Canada (CBR Canada) annual meeting, board members identified the need for a renewed strategic plan that reflects changes in the CBR landscape across Canada and beyond since the last plan was drafted in 2014. Since this time CBR Canada was incorporated into a legal non-profit organization, and the organizing leadership (The Secretariat) has moved from the University of Victoria to the Centre for Community-Based Research (CCBR) in Waterloo. In parallel, other entities have taken shape in support of the broader push for community engagement between communities and campus and the funding landscape continues to advance a strong eco-system for community-driven research in Canada. CBR Canada has grown in both membership and in enhancing programs including a new CBR Canada website, regular webinars, active presence on social media, newsletters and capacity building workshops, development of the Community-Based Research Excellence Tool (CBRET), and has an active Board involved in subcommittee work.  

There are a number of national and international drivers of change that will have practical implications for CBR Canada in the next five years. CBR Canada is well positioned to advocate for and demonstrate the value, impact and applicability of community-based research to address a wide range of societal issues. CBR Canada will continue advocating for an enabling policy and funding landscape that will help strengthen community-based research. We are well positioned, with active board members and a growing membership across the country, to help bridge knowledge and capacity between community and academic researchers in pursuit of societal goals. In developing a new strategic framework, we hope to engage a diverse audience of academic, community and other influencers (i.e. funding agencies, policy-makers, philanthropic sector) to help build a road map that is inclusive and impactful for all Canadians. Through this exercise we hope to be better informed of and inspired by the different ways CBR Canada might play a role in addressing pressing societal challenges.​

Read the full context document here, including national and international drivers.
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