Deadline - 15 March 2018

In 2016, we included a survey in the Conference Agenda Report to help set priorities for recovery literature, service material, and Issue Discussion Topics (IDTs). The survey results helped the 2016 Conference select Issue Discussion Topics and focus the recovery literature and service material projects it approved.

The 2016 survey seemed like such an effective way to get input from the Fellowship about priorities that we are including another survey in this CAR. This survey is longer than the previous one because we received so many ideas from Conference participants for what should be on the lists, and we tried to include most of those thoughts.

Members brought the items in this survey to our attention through input from their delegates, regional input to our strategic planning process, emails and calls to World Services, workshop results, conversations with Board members, and Conference participant input on an initial draft of this survey.

We’re interested in knowing what the Fellowship believes are priorities for work on new recovery literature and/or service material. If any of these items gain traction—as did the possibilities for a new meditation book and an IP on mental health/mental illness in 2016—the WSC may approve taking next steps. This might involve collecting front-end input through surveys or web meetings in order to shape a project plan for consideration at WSC 2020.

The work of the literature projects for this past cycle has included collecting preliminary input on two potential pieces of recovery literature: a book of daily meditations and a pamphlet on mental health/mental illness. This preliminary input will shape the project plans that will be in the 2018 Conference Approval Track to be decided by the 2018 World Service Conference. Should these project plans be approved, work on these two pieces of literature will be a priority in the 2018–2020 cycle.

The work of the service material project this past cycle has been ongoing with two focuses—conventions/events and local service tools. As of this writing, delegates are reviewing the first two pieces from these projects, and the drafts are posted online at and We intend to include project plans to continue the work of the service materials project in the 2018 Conference Approval Track material, and the results of this survey may help shape the local service toolbox work, depending on what the Fellowship prioritizes.