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Welcome to the 2023 CalvertHealth community health survey. Our mission is to provide all residents of Calvert County with awareness, resources, and equal access to healthcare programs and services available in the Calvert County community. The information collected in this survey will allow community organizations across your county to better understand the health needs in your community. 
REMINDER: You must be 18 or older to complete this survey. We estimate that it will take 10 minutes to complete. Survey results will be published on healthycalvert.org to address health priorities over the next 3 years. The responses that you provide will remain anonymous and not be attributed to you personally in any way. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary. However, you must complete the entire survey and click the DONE button for your responses to be recorded. If you have any questions, please contact 410-535-8233 or Community.Wellness@calverthealthmed.org. Thank you very much for your input and your time! 

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* 1. Is Calvert County your primary county of residence?