Deadline and Questions

Submit a testimonial/quote by 12pm U.S. Eastern Time on Thursday, October 21, 2021. Any questions can be submitted to the Stevens Initiative at and will be answered Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm U.S. Eastern Time.

Guidance for Testimonials 

Prompts can be found here.

In these testimonials you should share about how virtual exchange transformed your life. You can talk about your virtual exchange experience and its impact on you either personally or academically/professionally. Testimonials should also be:
  • Understood by people who may not know what virtual exchange is or who you are. Your response shouldn’t require any background information. Anyone should be able to understand it without any other details.
  • Written in complete sentences.
  • Written in the first person (I, me).
  • Written in English.
  • No longer than two sentences or 60 words.
To help guide you, these are testimonials submitted by Stevens Initiative participants/alumni. These are just examples. Your testimonial should be your own.
  • “This experience had a profound influence on me. It fostered a process of self-examination for me, in which I challenged my assumptions, recognized my personal triggers, and learned to actively listen. It widened my perspective of the world, made me open-minded and predisposed to accept different opinions. As a result, I became more self-aware than ever before.”
  • “This program allowed me to step outside the context of my campus and apply my skills to a community across the globe. I was inspired by the drive and commitment of my teammates, and we continue to support each other and leverage the experience in our academic and professional work, even years after the program ended.”
Highlighting your Submission

We want your voice to be heard! Your experience is the best way to highlight the power of virtual exchange. The Stevens Initiative will select the strongest and most impactful testimonials. Selected testimonials will be featured on the Stevens Initiative website and social media platforms during International Education Week (November 15-19, 2021). Testimonials may also be used in other Stevens Initiative publications and public materials in the future.

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