The Island Institute has generously offered to sponsor and help organize two classes for Brooklin's businesses. Below are the choices for workshops. Let us know all the classes you are interested in taking! Check as many as you wish!

* 1. QuickBooks: Instead of Excel (or paper), learn this easy way to manage your books and save you time, money and frustration! Become familiar with this easy accounting and budgeting program and customize it for your needs. Practice how to record sales and purchase transactions, keep track of items and inventory and discover some advanced tricks.

* 2. Social Media for Business: Discover the lesser-known details of presenting your business in a positive and effective way on FaceBook. Learn techniques used to generate sales and how to interact with customers. Get answers to questions about using other social media platforms. Find out about online business networking and best practices for boosting your visibility and customer base.

* 3. Website Design: Give your business an independent and professional look with its own website. Find out how to install software, navigate the administrative area, and create your WordPress page. Practice adding photos or videos, and using helpful tools. Learn best practices for managing comments and interacting with customers. Get answers about shopping cart plug-ins, custom menus, and other widgets.

* 4. Best day(s) to attend classes (check all that apply)

* 5. Best time(s) to attend classes (check all that apply)

* 6. Other Information: Laptops will be provided for those who don't have their own with applicable software. The Island Institute is proud to contract Axiom Education & Training Center to deliver these programs. Axiom is a nationally recognized leader in providing interactive learning solutions for businesses of all kinds.

Keep me posted about upcoming classes!

Thank you!