Buffalo's Broadway Market

In order to help rejuvenate the City of Buffalo’s Broadway Market as a sustainable and vibrant year-round shopping hub, the State of New York, through Empire State Development, has dedicated several million dollars to enhance the City of Buffalo’s recent investment of over $2 million in the existing market. The goal is to develop the market as a focal point for the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood and eventually, as a regional attraction. The Market historically has played an important role as a center for year-round, international, owner-operated, affordable fresh and prepared food shops and neighborhood services. As the community around it has changed, the Market is now seeking to maximize its relevance to Broadway-Fillmore and to expand its customer base in order to serve as a sustainable stimulus to neighborhood development, as well as an attraction for the region.

Please take a few minutes to help us plan how to best utilize this opportunity by filling out the questionnaire which follows. Outreach to date has included stakeholder meetings and focus groups. Once restrictions on public gatherings related to the COVID-19 outbreak are lifted, there will be additional opportunities for community input in-person and on-site. The survey will be open until further notice.
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