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25% of survey complete.

The purpose of this survey is to better understand public opinions about a range of important land use issues facing the Town of Brighton residents and to begin to foster a dialogue surrounding neighborhood sustainability and community growth.

* 1. What are the main reasons you choose to live in Brighton? (choose up to 3)

* 2. In your opinion, which of the following goals should be a priority for Brighton to address in the next ten years? (choose up to 3)

* 3. From your point of view, what are the biggest challenges facing the Town of Brighton? (choose up to 3)

* 4. Would you encourage or discourage the following LAND USES in the Town? (Mark only ONE circle per row)

  Encourage Discourage
Residential - single family homes
Residential - multiple unit family homes (i.e. townhouses)
Affordable housing
Senior/assisted living
Retail development
Public outdoor recreation
Protection of natural areas/open space
Light industrial/manufacturing uses
Convenience stores
Tourism based (i.e.  bed & breakfasts, restaurants, gift shops, eco-tourism)
Professional offices (i.e.  medical, legal, technology)
Service businesses
Home-based businesses