At Journey Into Manhood and other Brothers Road events, we all made the following commitments: 
NO SEXUAL OR ROMANTIC CONTACT WITH JiM/BR BROTHERS EVER -- "I promise not to engage in any homosexual or romantic activity of any kind at any time in the future with anyone who is or has been a fellow participant in ANY Brothers on a Road Less Traveled event or program or ANY Brothers Road community."
DISCLOSING ANY KNOWN SEXUAL INTEGRITY BREACH BY OTHERS -- "I understand and agree that, should I become aware that someone else in the Brothers Road community (e.g., another participant or past participant in the Journey Into Manhood program) has breached this commitment, I will promptly make this known to the executive director of Brothers on a Road Less Traveled. I understand that this is essential in order to preserve the integrity and healing intent of Brothers Road, its events and communities."

YOU MAY USE THIS FORM TO DISCLOSE either a personal breach on your part (commitment 1, above) or a concern about someone else in the community whom you believe may have broken this promise (commitment 2, above).
(For counselors, lawyers, priests or pastors, etc., the legal and ethical requirements of their professions or ministries may supersede this second commitment and preclude adherence to it for some people.)
YOU MAY MAKE THIS DISCLOSURE ANONYMOUSLY if you are making a disclosure involving concerns about someone else. However, we encourage you to give your name and contact information so we can ask you follow-up questions, if need be.

If you are self-reporting a breach, you need to provide your name in order to begin to get back in integrity with Brothers Road.
Thank you for doing your part to keep this community safe.

Question Title

* 1. Are you self-reporting a sexual-integrity breach, or disclosing a concern about others, or both?

Question Title

* 2. If you are self-reporting, please explain what happened and who else was involved.

Briefly explain what led up to it and whom you consider to have primarily initiated the situation -- you or the other man.

(You DO need to provide both your own and the other man's name in order to begin to get back in integrity with Brothers Road. However, you can do this over the phone as a follow-up step, if you prefer.)

Question Title

* 3. Are you disclosing a concern about another man or men or a situation that may have occurred among men in our community?

If yes, briefly explain what happened, to your knowledge, and who was involved. (Keep in mind that you do need to provide the name or names of the individuals involved in order for us to follow up in any way.)

Another way to ask the question: Is there someone you judge to be unsafe to serve on staff of a Brothers Road event or to participate in a Brothers Road-related group? If so, who and exactly why?

You do not necessarily need to have first-hand knowledge of a situation in order to disclose it as a possible concern.

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* 4. What else should we know about this situation or your concerns about it?

Question Title

* 5. Are you willing to talk to Rich Wyler (director of Brothers Road) about this?

If not, is there another senior leader within the Brothers Road community whom you would feel safer discussing this with? (But recognize that only the director has the authority to clear an integrity issue for future participation in staffing, for example.)

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* 6. Are you willing to provide your name and contact information so we can follow up with you, if need be? 

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* 7. Please be aware that any follow-up discussions or actions that we may or may not take as a result of your disclosure are completely confidential and will not be shared with you.