2023/24 bp Rescue of the Month

bp Rescue of the Month recognises operational excellence by Surf Lifeguards. Surf Life Saving Clubs can nominate their members for outstanding execution of their skills and training in searches, rescues, first-aids and other incidents.

There have been changes put in place for 2023/24 to reflect the feedback received over the past seasons. This season, for each period there will be a top rescue selected from the nominations for each Region and these clubs will receive a $250 bp gift card.

The nominations for bp Rescue of the Month will be used for bp Rescue of the Year and for Rescue of the Year awards at local or Regional Awards of Excellence.

SLSNZ will send details of rescues out to local and national media and may approach the surf lifeguards involved for further media opportunities.

The judges are the National Lifesaving Committee, SLSNZ National Lifesaving Manager and SLSNZ National SAR Manager. The judges will assess winners from the information supplied via the online nomination form and any other relevant information such as Incident Reports and Operational Risk Assessments.

Judging criteria is as follows:
Overview – Tell us why you believe these surf lifeguards deserve recognition for this rescue. (100 words max).
1. What conditions were the surf lifeguards operating in - eg time of day, sea conditions, weather conditions, location, hazards, crowds? (200 words max). Please attach the ORA if possible.

2. Application of skills and training by surf lifeguards (50 points, 300 words max).
- Did the rescue involve advanced/technical skills (eg operating in a difficult surf environment)?
- How did the surf lifeguards execute their training and skills and how was this best practice?
- What equipment was used and was it utilised appropriately?
- Were communications between surf lifeguards and other agencies clear?
- How many patients were involved and what was their condition?
- What First Aid skills were utilised?
- Was there liaison with other agencies?
- Scene management and leadership.
- Evidence of health and safety present in the incident response.

3. Execution of SLS procedures (30 points).
- Incident Report completed (10 points)
- ORA completed (if practical), otherwise evidence of health and safety as above (10 points)
- Operational and wellbeing debrief completed and Benestar notified if required (10 points)

4. What was the outcome and what would the likely outcome have been without this response from surf lifeguards? (20 points, 100 words max)

PLEASE consider preparing your answers separately and then pasting them in to ensure you are happy with your answer and that you are under the word limits before submitting.

Nomination deadlines
April-November (winter 2023) - Nominations close 9am Thursday 7 December 2023

December 2023 - Nominations close 9am Monday 8 January 2024

January 2024 - Nominations close 9am Wednesday 7 February 2024

February 2024 - Nominations close 9am Thursday 7 March 2024

March 2024 - Nominations close 9am Monday 8 April 2024

April 2024 - Nominations close 9am Tuesday 7 May 2024