Bicycle NSW Would Like To Know What You Think About Footpath Riding

As the law currently stands, footpath riding is illegal for the majority of riders.  Only children under 12, and those supervising are legally, along with medical exemptions, are able to ride on footpaths.

When a child turns 12 in NSW they are forced to make the transition from riding on the footpath to riding on a road.  At this age, children do not have the cognitive ability to ride on the road and mix with other vehicles safely. Unfortunately, making this transition often sees children turn away from bike riding as they no longer see it as a safe option for recreation, transport or fun.  We want to encourage children to stay active for as long as possible to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing.

As a form of active transport, bike riding will increase a cyclist’s overall physical and mental wellbeing.  With an increasing obesity rate in Australia, we should be supporting more ways to increase health of Australians. Bike riding is a great form of exercise and also enables riders commute to work or explore their local area.  Additionally, getting more people riding will ease the strain on roads and public transport - a benefit for riders and the environment.

Help make footpath riding legal for all bike riders in NSW. 

* 1. What kind of rider are you?

* 2. If it were legal to ride on the footpaths in NSW, would you:

* 3. If riding on the footpath were legal in NSW, would you:

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