SELF ASSESSMENT: This community self-assessment survey is part of the State of Colorado's Blueprint 2.0 Initiative and The Creativity Lab's 10 Community Readiness Principles™ training program. It is used to establish a benchmark for a local community and as an ongoing tool to evaluate progress. It takes about 5 minutes to complete. Please take a moment and read the directions below.

DIRECTIONS: The first 10 items in the survey begin with a statement to provide context for the subsequent questions. Rate your community on each of the 10 Community Readiness Principles using a scale of 1 to 10. Your rating should be based on your opinion and/or experience. A rating of “1” is the lowest, meaning you believe little or no progress in this category, and a rating of “10” is the highest, meaning you believe your community has achieved the highest level in this category. The final 5 questions are for demographic and data segmentation purposes. All responses are anonymous. An "*" next to a question number indicates a response is required.

Please complete the following demographic information to help us better segment the results. All responses are anonymous.

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* 11. Select your age group.

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* 12. I am a (choose as many as apply)

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* 13. What organization(s) do you belong to that are relevant to your community's vision for a creative district? (list below) (optional)