Answer all the Birds of Paradise questions for a chance to win a FREE museum membership!

Hello from Katie and Chloe!
We’re summer volunteers at the museum and hope you enjoyed exploring the ”Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution” traveling exhibit from National Geographic as much as we did. Are you now ready to take “Katie’s and Chloe’s Birds of Paradise Trivia Quiz?” Complete the trivia quiz by September 5, 2017, and you will automatically be entered to win a FREE Manatee (Family) Membership to the Museum of Discovery and Science. Benefits include unlimited exhibit admission for one full year, discounted IMAX tickets, free admission to 360 museums worldwide and much more! Winner to be determined by random drawing from all participants on 9/5/17.

* 1.
What is the role of bird plumes in the local economy of New Guinea?

* 2.
Which bird-of-paradise prefers dancing in a group or "ensemble"?

* 3.
Which is the smallest bird-of-paradise?

* 4.
Which bird-of-paradise does a “horizontal cape display” when mating and forms a “golden halo”?

* 5. How many bird-of-paradise species are there?

* 6.
Which bird-of-paradise does a “backwards dance” when displaying to females?

* 7.
Which bird-of-paradise is best known for its emerald green disks?

* 8. Who was the first naturalist to observe a live bird-of-paradise?

* 9. Who introduced the birds-of-paradise to the Western world (Europe)?

* 10.
In the Birds of Paradise Project, what was the first bird explorers Tim Laman and Ed Scholes were looking for?

* 11. Your full name:

* 12. Email address so that we may contact you if you win the family membership.

* 13. Answer Key
1. Common currency
2. The Lawe’s Parotia
3. Wilson’s Bird of Paradise
4. Magnificent Bird of Paradise
5. 39
6. Greater Bird of Paradise
7. King Bird of Paradise
8. René Lesson
9. Magellan
10. Arfak Astrapia