1. 9th Annual Best of SRQ Local 2017 Reader Competition

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Welcome to the 2017 "Best of SRQ Local" Readers' Competition,

Every year our astute readers vote for local eats, shopping, arts, luminaries and hotspots culminating in the buzzworthy "Best of SRQ Local" compendium published in the April 2017 edition. We hope you'll share your favorite local experiences—from stellar sushi to the most memorable on-stage productions.

Based on readers' selections, we will announce the 2017 "Best of SRQ Local" finalists and winners in the April 2017 edition of SRQ magazine. And there's another award that will be bestowed this year: the Local Legacy Award. Winners who have crushed their category at least five times in the past decade will be recognized as the "ÜberLocal" in their category.

Only locally owned establishments may be nominated for the "Best of SRQ Local" Readers' Competition, e.g. independent restaurants and locally owned companies and boutiques. Yes, we know there's a line that wraps around the building at the Midtown Plaza Starbucks, but their coffee doesn't count—it has to be local.

Limited to one ballot per person. You will be asked to provide your name, address and email to verify this ballot. Ballots submitted without an email verification cannot be counted. Incomplete ballots with too few votes overall or those with votes only in 2 to 3 categories will not be accepted.

Ballots must be received by midnight on Monday, February 13, 2017 to be valid.

Email us with questions: BestOfSRQ@srqme.com

Thank you for sharing the good stuff with other readers! 

SRQ Magazine Editorial Team

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