Thank you for your interest in submitting an entry for the 2023 Bellwether Award competition. To ensure a competitive entry, please include information addressing all the criteria outlined on the BCC website ( FAQs are found at
Please be prepared to add all the information requested below when you begin completing this form. The information on the form cannot be saved.  We recommend you keep a copy of your program abstract and summary for your records.
Judging Process
Judges will review your program summary. Scores will be reflective of how well each criterion shared on the Bellwether College Consortium website is met. This is the first round of the competition which determines the 30 Bellwether Finalists. All community colleges in the United States and the U.S. territories are eligible to submit a proposal. Community colleges are limited to one entry per submission category (i.e. Instructional Programs and Services, Workforce Development, and Planning, Governance, and Finance). The finalists will be announced in November of 2022.
The final round of competition will occur at the 29th Annual Community College Futures Assembly tentatively scheduled for February 26-28, 2023. The in-person event will be held in beautiful San Antonio.
Submission Deadline: September 27, 2022

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* 1. Submission Category (choose one):

  • Instructional Programs & Services: Programs or activities that have been designed and successfully implemented to foster or support teaching and learning in the community college.
  • Planning, Governance & Finance: Programs or activities that have been designed and successfully implemented to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the community college.
  • Workforce Development: Public and/or private strategic alliances and partnerships that promote community and economic development.

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* 2. College Information

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* 3. Principal Contact Information

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* 4. Title of Program:

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* 5. Program Abstract: Provide a succinct description of your program (limited to 400 Characters). This program abstract will be included in the printed program booklet of the Community College Futures Assembly.

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* 6. Program Summary not to exceed 5000 characters. 

This program summary should:
  • Identify a critical issue or challenge that this program, model, policy or service was designed to address. (20%)
  • Describe the process, timeline, participants, and resources required to implement the program model, policy or service. (25%)
  • Specify the performance indicators and outcomes that have demonstrated the success of this program, model, policy or service from an equity lens (if applicable) and success in scalability. (30%)
  • Elaborate on lessons learned for colleges considering a replication of this initiative. (25%)

Thank you very much for your submission. 

Questions concerning the proposals should be directed to the Community College Futures Assembly at:
Phone: 210-485-0019

Award Selection Process: Proposals for the Bellwether Awards will be competitively reviewed, and ten finalists in each category will be selected based upon established criteria. Finalists will be required to present at the Community College Futures Assembly to be considered for a Bellwether Award.

Notification of finalists is planned for November of 2022.