The Kāpiti Coast District Council is reviewing its 2009 Beach Bylaw, and we want to hear what’s important to you when it comes to how we use our beaches.
This survey is in two parts: 
Part 1 is about activities on the beach.  It includes 10 questions, and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.  If you have limited time, you can just do Part 1.       

Part 2
is about the existing Beach Bylaw and beach accessways. There are 17 questions, which should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you have the time, we hope you might do Part 2 as well.   
Please note:
*  More information on our existing 2009 Beach Bylaw and this Review Project can be found online at
*  All questions are optional, and the entire survey is anonymous.

*  Beach encompasses adjacent areas, including dunes.  Some parts of the beach and dunes are sensitive ecological and/or cultural sites, so some activities cannot be permitted. 

*  Some parts of the beach are under the jurisdiction of Greater Wellington Regional Council and the Department of Conservation so Kāpiti Coast District Council cannot allow activities that those agencies do not permit.  Also, the Bylaw does not include rules for dogs because those are found in the 2019 Dog Bylaw.