Welcome to the Bayley-4 Participant Nomination Survey!

This is the Bayley-4 Participant Nomination Survey. Before going any further we ask that you please click here to read the Parent/Guardian Information Statement and Consent Form. It explains what is involved in taking part in the project. Knowing what is involved will help you decide if you want your child to take part.

Once you have read the Parent/Guardian Information Statement and Consent Form please complete the Participant Nomination Survey. This survey will ask you some basic demographic and health questions about your child. Your answers to these questions will help us find out if your child can take part. It should take about 5 minutes to complete.

If your child can participate, we will contact you to organise a time and place for them to take part in the research project.

If your child cannot be in the research project, we will tell you why they cannot take part.

All the information you give us will remain confidential. It will only be used for this project.
What you need to know:
  • Your child must be aged 16 days to 3 years 6 months.
  • Your child must have English as their first and primary language
  • Your child will complete a 30-90 minute play-based assessment. This will involve them doing things like drawing, pointing at pictures, playing with toys, counting, and talking. Some activities will involve us simply watching your child’s behaviour.
  • Whilst your child is doing their assessment you will complete two questionnaires. These will ask about how your child communicates and uses skills in their daily life.
  • For your time, you will receive a $30 supermarket gift card and a pack of three children's books worth $AUD20.
This research is being conducted and managed by Pearson Clinical. Pearson Clinical is a company that makes and publishes tests that are used by health care workers.

To conduct this research, Pearson Clinical has partnered with:
  • Independent researchers in all major cities across Australia and New Zealand
  • Monash University in Melbourne
  • The Mater Research Institute in Brisbane
  • Murdoch University in Perth
  • The University of Auckland
To start the Bayley-4 Participant Nomination Survey please answer the question below. Then click next.

Bayley-4 Participant Nomination Survey can be completed by:

a) Examiners who have already received a completed Consent Form from a parent (please ensure you have this consent form handy); or
b) Parents (or legal guardians) who would like to provide online consent for their child to participate in the project.

Question Title

* What is your relationship to the child?

If you have any questions or want more information, you can contact the Pearson Research Team:

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Email: research@pearson.com.au
Web: http://www.pearsonclinical.com.au

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