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President-Elect (2021): Francisco (Chico) de Azevedo, Jr. (SEG 1996 F)
Vice President for Regional Affairs (2021-2023): Mike Venter (SEG 2013 F)
Vice President for Student Affairs (2021-2023): Simon Jowitt (SEG 2014 FL)
Councilor (2021-2023): José R. (Pepo) Arce (SEG 2014 F)
Councilor (2021-2023): Sarah Dare (SEG 2018 F)
Councilor (2021-2023): Richard Herrington (SEG 2004 F)
The slate of candidates was prepared in accordance with the relevant sections of the SEG Bylaws by the 2020 SEG Nominating Committee: Douglas J. Kirwin (Past President and Chair), Graham M. Brown, Alina Gaibor, Lynnette N. Greyling, Mabel E. Lanfranchine, Erin E. Marsh, and Alan J. Wilson