Poster & Materials Evaluation

AstrOlympics explores the spectacular range of science that we can find both in the impressive feats of the Olympic Games as well as cosmic phenomena throughout the Universe This survey is seeking to understand the impact that the materials had on your organization and its visitors.  All answers will be used in aggregate form with no personally identifiable information in any potential reports.

* 1. Please enter your contact information.

* 2. Please describe the location and setting for your display of AstrOlympics materials (eg, indoors, in a school, library, etc.). Include any details about the traffic flow and how audiences encountered the posters.

* 3. What was your estimated audience size during the time of the exhibited posters (averages or percentages of total traffic in the host venue are perfectly acceptable)?

* 4. On a scale of "not useful" to "extremely useful", how helpful would you say the posters were in talking about physics and related science topics?

* 5. Describe any additional events, programs, or resources that you offered to audiences in conjunction with the AstrOlympics materials

* 6. On a scale of "a very negative impact" to "a very positive impact", how would you rate the impact of hosting AstrOlympics materials on your organization?

* 7. What benefits, if any, did the AstrOlympics materials provide for your program or event?

* 8. Would your organization be interested in hosting similar science materials/events in the future?

* 9. Is there anything else you'd like to add?