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2. Training Quality

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Trainers encouraged learners to ask questions.
Trainers made the subject as interesting as possible.
Trainers had an excellent knowledge of the subject content.
Trainers explained things clearly.
Overall, I am satisfied with the training.
I would recommend the training to others.
I would recommend ASCTA to others.
I received useful feedback on my assessments.
Assessments were based on realistic activities.
The way I was assessed was a fair test of my skills and knowledge.
ASCTA gave appropriate recognition of existing skills and knowledge.
It was always easy to know the standards expected.
I usually had a clear idea of what was expected of me.
Trainers made it clear right from the start what was expected of me.
I was given enough material to keep up my interest.
The amount of work I had to do was reasonable.
The training was at the right level of difficulty for me.