The Kennedy Center Artists as Educators Seminars are offered as a professional service for teaching artists, available to arts and cultural organizations nationwide. Any organization may request to book a Seminar using this form. Requests are considered and decided upon by the Kennedy Center exclusively. 

In order to avoid disappointment, please allow six to eight months lead time in making requests for a Teaching Artist Seminar. Seminar Leaders’ calendars book several months in advance, and Kennedy Center staff need similar notice for contracting and preparation of Seminar materials.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact Precious Blake at or (202) 416-8621. For more information on the Seminars, visit the Seminars website.

It is recommended that sponsoring organizations offer the Seminars in order, regardless of teaching artists’ experience and skills. For more information on individual Seminars, visit the Seminar website. If you feel your teaching artist cadre has enough experience with the Kennedy Center definition of arts integration, please include a request for a waiver, including an explanation of the teaching artists' experience, in the additional information request at the bottom of this form. 

For each Seminar you select, we will ask you to select three Seminar Leaders in order of preference, as well as three possible Seminar dates. The Kennedy Center will reach out to your Seminar Leaders - in the order you requested them - to secure your requested dates. If your requested dates are not possible for any of the Seminar Leaders you request, the Kennedy Center will contact you to request new dates. For more information on which Seminar Leaders lead which Seminars, visit our Seminar Leader Information.
Each Seminar selected will also require you to read the corresponding Note to Prospective Sponsors. For each Seminar, this document will ensure that the content of the Seminar will be well-incorporated into your program. Reviewing this document is required.