The Michigan Breastfeeding Network believes mothers should be supported anytime they need to breastfeed, anywhere they need to breastfeed. In order to help make this vision a reality, MIBFN has launched its "Anytime, Anywhere" Campaign, which is focused on:
- Celebrating the Breastfeeding Anti-Discrimination Act
- Promoting mothers' right to nurse in public as protected by the state law
- Encouraging Michigan businesses to further support breastfeeding families

Individuals and businesses can show support for breastfeeding families by signing the Anytime, Anywhere Pledge below.

NOTE: By signing the Anytime, Anywhere pledge, individuals and businesses agree to have their names included on a list of supporters that have signed the pledge.

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I (we) pledge to comply with Michigan's Breastfeeding Anti-Discrimination Act and commit to supporting breastfeeding mothers, children and their families. By supporting the Michigan Breastfeeding Network's Anytime, Anywhere Campaign, I (we) willingly recognize and support the goal of the project that includes increasing awareness and acceptance of breastfeeding.