The Australian Nursing & Midwifery Journal (ANMJ) is a journal for all Australian nurses and midwives. More than 90,000 ANMF members and subscribers around Australia receive a monthly hard copy of the ANMJ, and since February 2017, the ANMJ has been available free online to all those interested in nursing and midwifery. 

The ANMJ offers news, features and analysis of key issues affecting nursing and midwifery nationally and internationally.
The ANMF is currently reviewing how  it communicates  with ANMF members – both via the journal and online - to ensure the ANMJ remains relevant, valuable and easily accessible to all nurses and midwives.

We’re seeking your help with this and asking you to please take the time to complete this survey. The results will help shape the future direction of the ANMJ. 

By completing the survey you will automatically go into the draw for an Apple Watch Series 2.

This survey will close on 6 August 2017

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* If you read the printed version of the ANMJ rather than the online version, why?

* The ANMJ is published 11 times a year. How often do you read it?

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* If you read the online version of the ANMJ 'occasionally' or 'never', can you tell us why?

* Where are you most likely to read the ANMJ?

* To find the latest in nursing and midwifery news from across the country would you access a specialised ANMJ website including latest news and other information?

* If yes, what would you like to see?

Thank you. We appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback. For you chance to win an Apple Watch Series 2, fill in your name and email address.

Terms and Conditions
The survey is open to ANMF members and readers of the journal. Only one entry per person is allowed. Multiple entries will be disqualified. ANMF employees, Council members and their families are ineligible to enter. The prize is an Apple Watch Series 2. The prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash. The prize winner will be randomly selected from all valid entries. Only the prize winner will be notified by email.

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