Welcome to the 2017 Fundraising Survey

Thank you for participating in this year's Fundraising Survey. 

ALL INFORMATION GATHERED WILL BE HELD IN STRICT CONFIDENCE. Only anonymous, aggregated development information will be shared with others.

Most of these questions are straightforward, but if you run into any challenges or have questions, please contact American Philanthropic’s survey administrator Laura Pallares at Lpallares@americanphilanthropic.com or 561-317-8630. She will be happy to guide you through the survey and help you in any way she can.

If you would like to request a Word document version of the survey, please let Laura know.
Finally, please keep in mind that the survey deadline is Friday, May 12.

*Note that your answers automatically save when you hit 'next' after each section. You can go back to where you were on the survey using the same link on the same computer.*

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