We have now changed how we are doing the questionnaire.

Please go to the Questionnaire option on Amaru Spirit website (Questionnaire)

Thank you for contacting Amaru Spirit, the home of holistic healing in the Peruvian jungle.
The booking form is a questionnaire so that we can:
  • Collect your contact information.
  • Confirm your intended dates of stay and which of our retreats are of interest to you.
  • Collect your medical history to ascertain suitability for the treatment services available. 
  • Provide you with medical information pertaining to plant medicines.
  • Provide our Terms & Conditions for your review and acceptance.
Please read all information carefully. There are several pages of questions, and a Submit button at the end. When you have submitted your information, please send an email to so we can get straight back to you. 

Please note that if you prefer to contact us directly with any questions, for information about the retreats, to check availability, or if you would like us to send you the questionnaire as an email, do feel free to email us on or from the Contact Us page.
Thank you

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