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In 2020, the National Retail Association performed research with over 20,000 Australians to gauge public support for initiatives to improve the health and wellbeing of retail workers.

The study found that the majority of the Australian public agrees that leaders should consider investing in campaigns and support programs to combat abuse of retail workers.

We need your feedback on the level of interest in an accredited skill set that will equip your staff to deal with aggressive and abusive customers. The National Retail Associations registered training organisation, the National Retail Institute, developed this course to support staff working in the Retail and Personal Services sectors in customer facing roles.

We require your feedback to speak with State and Federal Governments to ensure that this training is appropriately funded to have the maximum impact for your employees on the front line.

The course will aid your staff in developing resilience and emotional intelligence to handle difficult customers, to understand the workplace supports available after a difficult encounter, and to self-reflect and develop strategies to protect their own wellbeing. 

The course is nationally accredited training and will be delivered online, with option for a trainer-led delivery via Zoom.

We would appreciate your feedback on your level of interest in this course for your employees.

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