Public comment on Gillnet and Small Pelagic Fishery Dolphin Mitigation Strategies

AFMA is reviewing the performance of the Gillnet Dolphin Mitigation Strategy and the Small Pelagic Fishery (SPF) Dolphin Mitigation Strategy and is seeking your comments. 
AFMA aims to review the performance of the strategies against their objectives:
  • improving information on the nature of interactions between dolphins and fishing gear, particularly what species are interacted with
  • providing incentives for individual operators to minimise dolphin interactions and implement and develop mitigation measures best suited to their circumstances and location
  • identifying options and best practice mitigation measures to support fishers in minimising dolphin interactions.

Download the Gillnet Dolphin Mitigation Strategy (PDF).
Download the Small Pelagic Fishery Dolphin Mitigation Strategy (PDF).

The public consultation period will close at 5pm AEDT on 23 January  2019.
The comment form requests general information from the person providing the submission and requests comments/feedback against the criteria outlined below.
Your personal information (e.g., name, organisation/affiliation) will only be used to categorise the stakeholder groups.