Physical activity is important to maintain in people with PD, as it not only contributes to maintaining walking, balance, and muscle strength, but also helps with activities of daily living and maintaining independence. Levels of physical activity are lower in people with PD than healthy controls and have been shown to reduce over time without intervention.

This study is looking at whether a group program of exercise aimed to increase physical fitness and walking performance including a self-management approach results in a greater and more sustained improvement in physical activity (steps/day) than usual care.  

If you choose to participate in this study you will be required to attend three assessment sessions over 6 months (first assessment, 4 weeks and 6mths from the first assessment period). These sessions can be at various locations across Brisbane. People allocated to the intervention group will also attend 12 physiotherapy sessions. 

The following few questions will help determine if this study is suitable for you. At the end you may provide your contact details so the research team can forward you the full study information and determine if the study is of interest and suitable for you to participate.

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