Section 1: Background information

This survey gives you the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed changes to the Australian Curriculum: The Arts: Music.

At the beginning of this survey, you will be asked to indicate which Arts subjects you are giving feedback on and if you are giving feedback from a F-10, F-6 or 7-10 perspective. When you are responding to the statements and completing your comments in ‘Section 2: General feedback’ please remember your responses are in relation to the levels you indicated. You can also choose to give written feedback on Music specific band levels in Section 3.

You can see all the survey questions and prepare your responses before you start the survey. You can also access information about how to save the survey and return at another time to complete it.

ACARA is not intending to collect any personal information when you respond to this consultation survey. Please do not include your personal name and any other information that could identify you personally in your response.

In relation to any written feedback that you/your organisation provide to ACARA as part of the Australian Curriculum Review consultation (excluding your personal name and any other information that could identify you personally, if included), you grant to ACARA a broad licence for the purposes of the Review including:

·       incorporating your organisation’s feedback into reports and referencing your organisation as having provided this feedback;
·       incorporating your individual feedback into reports (excluding any information that could identify you personally); and
·       for other purposes relating to ACARA’s functions under the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority Act 2008 (Cth).

For further information please see ( and privacy notice []”.