SMFM is regularly approached by policymakers and reporters who want to better understand the impacts of abortion restrictions/bans on high-risk pregnant people and MFMs. One powerful way for MFMs influence public policy and public understanding of abortion is to share their lived experiences. Recognizing that many MFMs may not be permitted to and/or are hesitant to describe what is happening with their patients in public forums, SMFM has created this anonymous story collection tool.

This tool is intended for MFMs in restrictive and permissive states. We want to know how your care, referrals, patient volume, and outcomes may be changing. This information will allow SMFM to better advocate for access to abortion care on your behalf. 

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* 1. Regarding abortion care, has your institution/employer limited what you can share with the media, policymakers, or others since the Dobbs decision was announced?

Question Title

* 3. If there is any additional information that you would like to include, please do so below. If you have questions or are willing to share your story in a more public forum (e.g. a blog post, a media interview, etc.), please contact Kerri Wade at