Your Personal Views and Beliefs

In this section of the assessment, we are interested in your views and beliefs in a variety of areas.
You will find statements about how you see things in your church community and statements about your spiritual beliefs. Some items deal with the work of your Pastor and other items seek your views about education.

In each case, YOUR impressions, feelings, and opinions are important for church planning.

In some cases, you may feel that your opinions are not well informed. Please go ahead and give your impression as it is now, even though you realize it could change by talking with others.

Every question requires an answer before you can move forward.

YOU MUST COMPLETE THE ASSESSMENT IN ONE SITTING. The program will not allow you to stop and return to finish later. If you do not believe you can complete the survey in one sitting, please make arrangements to get a paper copy.

For each question below, click on the response that is most accurate.  If you wish to return to a previous page, use the "previous" button.  DO NOT USE YOUR BROWSER'S BACK BUTTON.

* 1. My spiritual experiences often impact the way I look at life.

* 2. Our Pastor presides over worship with care, engaging the people in a meaningful way.

* 3. There is a disturbing amount of conflict in our congregation.

* 4. Our members understand that they have a spiritual responsibility for life-long learning and formation.

* 5. My spirituality is really the basis of my whole approach to life.

* 6. It seems to me that we are just going through the motions of church activity. There isn’t much excitement about it among our members.

* 7. Problems between groups in this church are usually resolved through mutual effort.

* 8. Our members welcome changes in worship.

* 9. I experience the presence of God in my life.

* 10. The whole spirit in our congregation makes people want to get as involved as possible.