Public Consultation

You are about to review and test an online tool called Patient Engagement Agreements Explained. As the name already suggests, this tool has been created for the patient community and the public in mind and aims to help you understand the agreements for patient engagement collaborations between the patients and (usually) pharma. 

The public consultation is divided into 2 sections. After the basic information, you are in section 1 where you are invited to give feedback on the usefulness and usability of the online tool. In section 2 you are invited to provide feedback to the content on the online tool. 

Note that you can save your answers and continue at a later stage. For saving your answers you will need to click on the "Save and continue later" button. A link will allow you to re-enter the form.

Begin the survey by clicking Next and once you have completed, remember to click Submit to save and submit the form.

This public consultation will welcome comments from June 30th to July 15th, 2020