Study Overview

The study will provide future recommendations that will:
  • Promote walking and cycling in Jasper;
  • Manage vehicle traffic and parking efficiently; and
  • Provide affordable and accessible alternatives to the private automobile for local travel in Jasper.
Project Engagement

We are currently collecting information and feedback from the public about community priorities, potential challenges and opportunities to guide the development of the Transportation Master Plan.

Scope of the TMP
  • Assess existing conditions
  • Conduct public and stakeholder consultation
  • Complete safety assessments at two intersections
  • Identify potential immediate and future modifications for parking
  • Select options to address identified issue
Please fill out this survey to help us understand what’s important to you. Your feedback will help inform the issues and recommendations of the Transportation Master Plan.

* 1. Are you a resident of the Town of Jasper?

* 2. What transportation priorities are most important to you for the Town of Jasper? Please select your top 3.

* 3. How do you normally travel to your workplace / school? Please select your primary mode of travel (select only one).

* 4. Do you feel comfortable cycling in Jasper right now? (select only one)

* 5. Do you feel comfortable walking in Jasper right now? (select only one)

* 6. What is the biggest barrier that keeps you from walking or cycling in Jasper?

* 7. What would encourage you to use active modes of transportation (eg. walking, biking, transit, etc) more often? Please select up to 3.

* 8. Do you find it difficult to find parking throughout the Town? (select only one)

* 9. Would you be willing to pay for parking in the Business District to encourage short term stay and increase availability at the existing parking locations? (select only one)

* 10. How would you like to receive further information about the project?

* 11. Do you have any comments or concerns that you would like to tell us about?