This survey is being conducted by the OGSA in order to compile usable statistics for further discussion with the Provincial Government and the Ministry of the Environment on the legislated Public Meeting requirement.

* 1. Your Name

* 2. Title

* 3. CLUB:

* 4. Please enter the date of your meeting?

* 6. Please let us know, who else was in attendance from your club

* 7. How many invitations were sent out?

* 8. How many invitees attended?

* 9. How many NON-INVITEES attended (Colleagues, Interest Groups, Media, etc.)?

* 10. How many attendees did you have in total?

* 11. Can you approximate the cost of newspaper advertisements, mailing costs (please include staff labour in the delivery)?

* 12. What was the estimated cost of the venue (room rental)? (Either an offsite venue, or the fee your club would normally charge for the space)

* 13. What was the TOTAL COST for having the public meeting (Please include all labour for all staff required, mailings, room rental, A/V rental, consulting, etc)

* 14. Please provide us with any further comments about your meeting. Either positive or negative. These statistics will be used to inform government on how the meetings are being perceived by the general public.