How do you feel about retirement?

1.I feel confident that I know what I will do when I leave my full time job.
2.There is still a lot I want to do after my full time career ends. Things like: (choose all that apply)
3.When I retire, it will be (or is) important  for me:
4.Learning about how others have managed the transition from work to whatever is next, is helpful to me.
5.I believe that I have the ability to choose what is next. That belief:
6.If I had a supportive network, the transition to retirement would be easier for me.
7.If you have a spouse or partner, have you discussed what you want to do in retirement? 
8.A recent report from MIT Age Lab found that men view retirement as being more about leisure. Women viewed retirement as finally being "time for me," and indicated more interest in a variety of endeavors. In your experience, do you agree or disagree with this conclusion?
9.We would love to know more about you. What is your name and where are you located?
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