Marijuana Business Daily (MJBizDaily), since 2011 the top producer of B2B news and trade shows serving executives and major investors in America's $6 billion cannabis industry, is seeking a content technology specialist in the editorial department to focus on SEO optimization, mobile and digital content strategies, social media, podcasts, video and data analytics to expand our reach and grow our audience. This position requires someone with a journalism background, as it involves helping improve and extend the reach of our journalism (not marketing) content.   

You'll be based in our Denver office and receive a competitive salary, paid time off, 401(k) and health benefits. As seen in Inc Magazine, Forbes and the WSJ, we are a highly professional, award-winning, fast-growing company. 

Job description:
  • Develop SEO strategies for our editorial content and stay on top of popular keywords used by our audience and those searching for marijuana business news, analysis and information. Work with the editorial team to help implement those strategies in headlines, ledes, newsletter subject lines, etc.
  • Consistently research ways to optimize our editorial content for digital and mobile and then developing an action plan to implement strategies across the department. This includes everything from presenting ideas on how we can write more effectively for these mediums to introducing new ways we can present content.
  • Run our social media accounts for editorial content, which includes posting our own content, developing a more interactive relationship with readers and developing content specifically for social media (such as Facebook Live).
  • Use Google Analytics and other tools to track the performance of our stories, briefs, newsletters and reports. Present data to staffers on a regular basis and identify trends and subjects that are resonating with our readers.
  • Use Google Analytics to track our daily and magazine website performance and bolster visitor numbers, pageviews, session duration and other metrics.
  • Implement ways to enhance the reach and readability of our newsletters
  • Launch a podcast focused on business news, analysis and intelligence that resonates with our specific audience, utilizing our exclusive content & reporters as well as outside experts/executives in the industry.

Required background and skills:
  • At least three years of experience working as a journalist, or closely with journalists and editorial content
  • At least two years of experience leading SEO, mobile and digital efforts, and social media strategies for editorial content
  • Proven experience using data analytics to implement new strategies or processes tied to editorial content
  • Skilled at using Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and marketing automation platforms such as Eloqua
  • Demonstrable experience with business content

Preferred skills:
  • Experience running and/or launching podcasts
  • Experience running and/or launching editorial video content
  • Experience as a reporter or editor
  • Experience with content aimed at executives and large-scale investors
  • An eye for website and mobile design
  • Ability to work with a tech team and journalists to develop interactive content

Marijuana Business Daily is a division of Anne Holland Ventures Inc. Should you be offered a position, please expect to complete a background/reference check. Anne Holland Ventures Inc. is woman owned and an equal opportunity employer.

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Working with designers to improve web and/or mobile sites
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Working with editorial content (articles, briefs, etc. written by journalists)
Social media
Analyzing website data to help increase traffic for editorial content
Improving newsletter traffic
Packaging information for charts and infographics

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