Bolton and Harvard Volunteers seek to benefit you via HeatSmart.

Volunteers in Bolton and Harvard are preparing a joint proposal to  MASS CEC/DOER to participate in HeatSmart Mass, which seeks to increase adoption of small-scale clean heating and cooling technologies through a competitive solicitation process that aggregates homeowner buying power to lower installation prices. It will be similar to Solarize Mass, but focus on Air Source Heat Pumps and possibly other technologies. For more details, see: 

* 1. Are you interested in saving money, helping the environment, and improving comfort by upgrading the heating/cooling system in your Bolton or Harvard residence?

* 2. Resident of...

* 3. Please tell us which fuel(s) your current system uses for heating

* 4. Please tell us which fuel is used for cooling

* 5. How  is heating or cooling distributed in your residence?

* 6. How many years since your system was installed or upgraded (please enter a 1 or 2-digit number)?

* 7. Please suggest how we can best get the word about HeatSmart Mass out to residents of Bolton and Harvard.

* 8. Are you also interested in considering upgrading to Central Biomass Heating (boiler or furnace that burns pelletized wood instead of oil or gas and uses your existing distribution system)? Pelletized wood is a renewable resource that is about 20% more efficient than oil.

* 9. Are you also interested in considering Installation of a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP aka Geothermal) for heating and cooling? GSHP (saving 65 to 80% of electricity vs. resistive electric) is more efficient than ASHP (saving 40-70%), but is more disruptive and expensive to install.

* 10. Are you also interested in considering Installation of a Solar Hot Water system that provides about 80% of domestic hot water needs from sunlight instead of electricity, oil, or gas? Houses without adequate roof space for a solar PV system may still have enough room for solar hot water.