About this Survey

Survey purpose
The purpose of this survey is to gather industry data about a range of issues, including charge out rates. You will receive a copy of the results in the form of a report, providing information about charge out rates at a national level.

Your input is needed
We need your response to ensure a statistically valid sample that is representative of the industry.
MEA subscribes to the Australian Market and Social Research (AMSRS) code of conduct. We will ensure that all results remain confidential and that your identity will not be revealed in any results data.

How to complete the survey
Simply click on the 'Next' button below. We estimate that it will take no longer than 15 minutes. The survey closing date is Sunday 6 February 2022.

Please note
All data will be de-identified and only aggregated data will be provided in the report.
MEA does not provide a recommended pricing schedule nor does the association authorise the pricing data contained within the report.
You will receive a report for the year ending 2021.
11% of survey complete.