We need your input! The Yavapai College District Governing Board is responsible for governing on behalf of and is responsible to the taxpayers of Yavapai County. Please give thoughtful responses which best express your views and experience with Yavapai College.

Please tell us the extent to which you agree with the following statements:

* 1. Yavapai College should help job seekers acquire the qualifications, skills and knowledge needed to obtain a job or to progress in their career.

* 2. In addition to awarding certificates and degrees, Yavapai College should prepare students to be successful at their next school should the students decide to pursue additional academic credentials.

* 3. Yavapai College should provide affordable access to a variety of high-quality learning opportunities to people of all ages for personal enrichment.

* 4. Yavapai College should use its educational resources to help attract new business to Yavapai County.

* 5. Yavapai College should enhance residents’ access to a vibrant social and cultural life.

Please tell us about yourself:

* 6. Gender:

* 7. Your age category:

* 8. I have lived in Yavapai County for:

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