Welcome!  It’s back to the drawing board once again for Columbia Center for the Arts in downtown Hood River, now entering its 18th year of operations.  The arts center board of directors and a small group of community members are working to reinvent the organization and chart a path forward for full recovery after the pandemic-related shutdowns dealt a severe blow to the organization. Now operating with only one part-time staff member, down from a pre-pandemic staff of four full time people, the arts center is in dire need of rebuilding its volunteer rosters and is inviting new leadership to come forward to help plan the future of the non-profit community center.
We are excited to have you join us on our journey as we plan for the future of the Columbia Center for the Arts. Everyone is encouraged to respond: artists, actors, musicians, art appreciators, and interested Gorge residents. What we need from you is your honest opinion based on the following questions.  Feel free to skip any questions that you prefer not to answer. If we did not cover what you feel is important, please provide additional feedback under comments at the end of the survey. This survey information along with input from our public input sessions and other outreach will guide the strategic planning process.  Thank you for your time and interest in CCA.