Thank you for your interest in pursuing the Certified Foresight Practitioner designation. 
The Futures School Alumni are best positioned to successfully pass the assessment based on their immersive training experience in the Natural Foresight® framework. 

If you are interested in attending our 3-Day Applied Foresight Accelerator program or the online, 6-month Applied Foresight Activator - Experiment program before applying for certification, please visit our list of programs

If you choose not to attend our in-person program, you will prepare for the assessment via self-study, receiving The Guide to Natural Foresight®. The Guide was developed to support anyone desiring to strengthen their foundational knowledge of foresight. For those seeking any level of accreditation within the Professional Foresight Certification designation, the Guide will serve as a resource to supplement your formal training. 
A $50 USD non-refundable fee is required to submit the application.
Testing windows and application due dates:
  • December 1, 2021 - February 15, 2022 (Apps accepted until December 15, 2021)
  • May 1, 2022 - July 15, 2022 (Apps accepted until May 15, 2022) 
Upon receipt of the application, an interview will be scheduled. 
If deemed eligible, the next step includes submitting certification assessment fees.
General Applicant:
$850 USD + shipping/printing if physical study materials are requested.