Survey Introduction

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC), in association with PennDOT, the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and the Port Authority of Allegheny County, recently conducted a second public meeting to present potential transportation improvements for the State Route 885/Second Avenue Multimodal Corridor Study, which aims to produce a 20-year shared vision and plan for multimodal access, mobility, and livability. 

This survey asks that you provide feedback on these transportation improvements – you do not need to have attended the meeting to complete this survey. Click here to view all of the materials presented at the meeting. The numbered improvements listed in this survey correspond to the numbered improvements shown on the maps on Boards 4 through 8. Reviewing these maps in the pdf may help you understand the proposed improvements.

The three approaches described in the materials are not mutually exclusive: we are not asking you to choose one approach over the others. They simply represent different groups of improvements that could address the current and projected traffic in the Second Avenue corridor. We would like your feedback on the specific elements presented, so that we can take your comments into account as we craft a final transportation master plan for the corridor.

[Estimated survey completion time: 15 minutes]

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