Thank you for participating in the Public Health Survey, developed to inform the Michigan Five-Year Health Information Technology Roadmap

Your input is valued and incredibly important for updating the State Health IT Roadmap. It is vital the Roadmap reflect the diverse experiences and perspectives on health IT from the Public Health community. Please allow approximately 20 minutes to complete this survey.

The ideal candidates for this survey are those with an executive, administrative, or information technology management role in your organization. Staff with epidemiology or informatics experience may also have valuable insights on survey questions.

The focus of the survey is to gather information about your organization’s experiences, preferences, and needs regarding the use of health IT, health information exchange (HIE), and community information exchange (CIE) in Michigan.

The survey is not intended to be all encompassing but to help determine the current state of electronic data collection, sharing / reporting, aggregation, and analytics for Public Health programs, identify potential issues or constraints that may impact the adoption or utilization of future health IT and HIE/CIE services, and to understand what a “desired future state” for health IT systems and data availability might look like to your organization. Thank you for your candid input!