The RSPO Jurisdictional Approach Pilot Framework was launched on 6 September 2021 offering guidance and a framework for developing Jurisdictional Approaches to the certification of sustainable palm oil, which will follow the RSPO Standards (Principles & Criteria 2018, Independent Smallholder Standard, etc.) and sets a stepwise approach that is coherent across all regions.

After more than 7 years into the journey, the three RSPO pilots have achieved great progress towards coming onboard to be an RSPO member. The RSPO JWG proposed to create a separate RSPO Membership Category for Jurisdictional Approach. This survey aims to collect your feedback on the proposal. This survey is broken into three parts:
Part 1. About You
Part 2. RSPO Memberships for Jurisdictional Approach
Part 3. General Comment(s)

This survey will take roughly 8-10 minutes.