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East Brunswick Public Library is engaged in a strategic planning process. Please take five minutes to answer two questions that will help The Library set our priorities for the future.

Please consider the library services listed below in order to answer the following survey questions:

• Services for Fiction Readers (Adults)- including free access to multiple formats, multiple reading comprehension levels, quiet areas for reading, helping people find books they might enjoy, support for book groups, etc.

• Services for Information Seekers (Adults)- including librarians to help users select and search databases and electronic formats, free access to databases, use of computers and access to the Internet, computer classes, quiet study rooms, information and materials for lifelong learning.

• Support for Learning and Development (Children and Youth)- including introductions to words and sounds for very young children; books, music, DVD’s, and games for all ages; staff-led activities that encourage reading (storytime, helping young people find good books to read, science programs, etc.); access to databases that support school assignments; a safe place for teens to study and interact.

• Services for Businesses and Self-Employed- including quality databases, customized research on demand, specialized computer classes, assistance with business and marketing plans, advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

• Arts, Culture and Entertainment- including exposure to new ideas via author visits, historical lectures and cultural programming, displays of local art and specialized collections, source of music and movies-live and recorded.

• Information and Materials for New Immigrants- including introduction to English rhymes, stories, language for non-native speakers-aimed at children with their parents, multilingual accessible website, multi-language materials available throughout the library's collection.

• Information and Referrals for People At Risk- including information and support for adult classes in English language and citizenship, support literacy tutors with print and media materials, English conversation groups, resume review for job seekers, computer and internet access, safe place for kids and teens, materials delivered to homebound residents.

• Foster Civic Engagement and Community Interaction- including a place for people to congregate and meet neighbors; community service opportunities for teens and adults, meeting place for civic groups; focal point for information on laws, regulations, community events; EBTV on FIOS, streaming video and video-on-demand; EBTV's free Community Bulletin Board, community page on library website, printed information about activities at the library and in East Brunswick, cafe.

Question Title

* 1.The library plays many roles in our community. How important, on a scale from Least Important to Most Important, is it for the library to fulfill each of the following roles?

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  Least Important Somewhat Important Moderately Important Important Most Important
Arts/Culture/ Entertainment
New Immigrants
Information Seekers (Adults)
People At Risk
Civic Engagement/Community Interaction
Fiction Readers(Adults)