The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) is converting the current Technology Years 7-10 elective course syllabuses into an online interactive format and amalgamating learn about and learn to content. This process is being undertaken to ensure that these syllabuses include features found in recent NESA syllabuses such as learning across the curriculum content and icons, and hyperlinks to the glossary. The translation of Technology syllabuses into an online format will allow teachers to use Program Builder when developing teaching and learning programs.
Australian Curriculum content will be considered for inclusion in these syllabuses where appropriate.
Teachers and stakeholders are invited to complete the NESA online survey about the current Technologies Years 7-10 elective course syllabuses (including Life Skills). Feedback from the survey will be considered as amendments are made to each syllabus.

The survey is available until 3 December 2017.

The online survey offers an opportunity to provide feedback on the following Years 7-10 syllabuses: 
Agricultural Technology
Design and Technology
Food Technology
Graphics Technology
Industrial Technology
Information and Software Technology
Marine and Aquaculture Technology
Textiles Technology

After completing the general information questions you will be able to provide specific feedback on one or more of the elective courses.

Each elective course survey should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. Additional time will be required where you choose to provide comments in text boxes.

You can download a summary of the survey statements (PDF). It may be useful to refer to a current syllabus while completing this survey.

Complete an online survey or send your written submission to:

Jackie Breden
Senior Curriculum Officer, Technology Education
NSW Education Standards Authority
GPO Box 5300
Sydney NSW 2001
(02) 9367 8030